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Doug Richter | Strategic Partnerships

Strategic Partnerships

Design scalable marketing partnerships, between brands and entertainment properties, including management of all creative, marketing, production, sales and finance including negotiations with brand partners, agencies, and vendors.


Monitor and analyze deal performance based on established KPI’s and leverage relationships to maximize returns for all parties involved.


Karlitz & Company

Director of Partnership Marketing for a world-class event agency. Created high touch programs for credit cards, financial clients and properties in the worlds of culinary, fashion, sports and entertainment.

Wherehouse Music

Director of Online Marketing for an $800 million entertainment retailer with 550 stores in 33 states. Devised and negotiated national strategic partnerships with key brands and properties including Starwood Hotels, Delta and Real Networks, plus every major record label and movie studio including Sony, Universal, Paramount, Warner Bros Studios/Music and BMG Entertainment.

Fetzer with BMG Entertainment

Developed a national retail program between Fetzer Vineyards and BMG Entertainment for The Rippingtons’ “Black Diamond” CD release which included production of 100,000 wine coupons for insertion into CDs and 100,000 CD coupons on wine bottles. The redeemed bottleneck coupons were responsible for helping to push sales to a #1 debut on the Billboard chart.

Musicland with BMG Entertainment

Devised and drove a financially successful national summer campaign called On The Grill With Windham Hill with Sam Goody/Musicland, one of the largest entertainment retailers in the US. This marketing program promoted multiple product lines and was supported by key media and brand partnerships, including Char-Broil.